Friday, 15 August 2008

Going public

So far, the blog is just between me and the computer. It receives no mention anywhere, even though the blog address is part of the signature I use for emails when I am in Cheddington.

This gives time to build up a history of posts, and to decide whether a Blog is a useful means of communication with the parishes. Blogs are useful: they are immediate, easier to administer and update than a web site, and quickly keep people informed of what their parish priest is doing. One wonders what they get up to! If the Bishop can have a blog, so I suppose should I.

What of today? The rain has eased for the time being. We had 11 at the Pram Service this morning, which was good as some of the regulars are still away and poor Nicola had an infection that prevented her joining us.

Still lots of work on service planning and sermon writing, even though August should by rights be a quiet time for clergy. Not so here, but it's good I can start the first month when the pressure is reduced and the telephone is not ringing quite as often as it might.

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