Saturday, 23 April 2011

Intercessions for Palm Sunday

INTERCESSIONS – Richard Foster

Let Us Pray

On this Palm Sunday, as we celebrate our Lord's triumphant entry into Jerusalem, we ask that he may triumph also in our hearts. Let your grace and mercy enter us and let us give joyful thanks to all that he has done for us, this week and for ever more.

In your mercy
Hear our prayer

Let us pray for Our Church

Dear and Merciful Lord,

As we enter Holy Week we pray for all those who minister to us at this special time – especially Derek, Robert and Roger. We thank you for their hard work and commitment, and pray that those who attend special services will receive your spirit and be filled with your love.

As the mystery and beauty of your love for us becomes revealed through the death, resurrection and triumph of your Son, our saviour, Jesus Christ, help us all to proclaim your word and to use this time to demonstrate the meaning of your gospel message to all we meet.

In your mercy
Hear our prayer

Let us pray for Our world

We pray to you, Dear Lord, for the world around us, for your creation and for all humanity.

We pray for the work of everyone who strives to bring love, safety and comfort to other people.

Our world seems at time to be utterly without peace or sanctuary. We are forever assaulted by images and stories of war, terror, injustice and fear.

So we pray to you, merciful God, that you will help us see the good in all things

To see the peace that is possible in situations of violence and conflict

To see the love that can triumph over hatred

To See the hope that comes from doing your work

And to see the beauty of your creation in situations that seem to be only dark and forgotten.

In the war-torn parts of this world, in Iraq and Afghanistan, in Palestine, in the Ivory Coast and in Libya and many other places we pray that you will send your spirit and your light to those who cannot yet see it, and that you will guide those who have the power to act, to act in your name, for the sake of all humanity and not simply for their own benefit.

Strengthen our faith that your Kingdom will come, that we can build a peaceful and harmonious world through proclaiming your name and acting according to the message you taught us through the Gospel.

In your mercy,
Hear our prayer.

Let us pray for our village

All knowing, all seeing Lord, we bring before you the hopes and fears of our own neighbourhood, that you may bless our lives and give us all strength and inspiration as we go about our daily lives.

Guide us as we grow and have to make choices.

Sustain those who's jobs may be under threat.

Help our young people as they embark on a period of exams: we ask that you help them all focus on their revision and encourage them in their hard work at this important time for then

Shine your light on all our lives as we seek to know you and share your love. We pray that you will help us live and work in our diverse culture and to include everyone in proclaiming your name.

In your mercy,
Hear our prayer.

Let us pray for The sick and departed

Dear and gracious God, we pause to think of those in our lives who experience suffering, ill health, isolation and loneliness.

Help those in difficulty feel your love in their hearts, that they may not fear the future.

Comfort them and sustain them in their need.

We pray for                                                               .

And for any others we know

Let us pray for the souls of those who have died and for the bereaved

Dear Lord,

You sent your son to shine as a light in our lives. Help us to see that this light shines eternal, and that death cannot extinguish it.

We remember those who have died and who now see your light in its full glory, and our prayers go to those who grieve for their loss. Help them to see your light

We think especially of                            and family as they mourn the death of                                  .

And for any others we know.

And also those for whom this is the anniversary of their death

Lord, in your mercy
Hear our prayer.

Dear Lord,

As we celebrate Palm Sunday,

Inspire us to see hope in ourselves and our lives and to glorify your name

As we struggle to make sense of the choices life lays before us, guide each one of us and teach us that the future is filled with potential, that what may seem futile can bring forth beauty and love, and that there is always a light shining for us, even when our lives can seem darkened by worry or fear.

That with your light and in your name we can build your kingdom.

Merciful father
Accept these prayers for the sake of your son, our saviour
Jesus Christ.

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